Sal Dizzal aka Mental Case

Fire is the first word that comes to mind when listening to Mental Case A.K.A. Sal Dizzal.  This former boxer and wordsmith which he is called in many elite circles of hip hop, has the lyrical capacity that has surpassed numerous well known mc’s.  At the age of 15, Mental Case knew it was music more than anything else that would take him to the next level.  In 1994, he performed with A 3 member group, which was later dismantled when two of the members decided to pursue other goals.  Destined to take the hip hop world by storm, Mental Case recorded and promoted his own cd, “Best of Mental Case,” selling over 7,000 copies without distribution. Explosive delivery and razor sharp lyrics, have created A fan base in every city he has performed.  He has performed up and down the east coast, mid west, and even the west coast.  He also has been given the opportunity to showcase his lyrical and performance skills as the opening acts for artists such as, M.O.P., Mobb deep, freeway, and d-block to name A few.  Because of his creative and cutting edge style he has been triumphant in winning countless battles two of which were Zulu Nation MC Battle as well as Fight KlubMental Case can become A major force in the music industry.  He has reached high points in his career as an independent artist and is definitely ready to show the music industry and his fans, what he can do at the next level.  Mental Case wants the world to feel his wrath as he steps out into the hip hop game as a hot new artist that fans and artists alike will long remember for years to come. Currently Sal Dizzal has been on tour opening for Odd Future, WakaFlocka, 2 chains, CTE, Mr.Len, and numerous others promoting his new release “Prepare For Glory”